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Founded in 2009, Jeddah Economic Company Ltd. (JEC) is the result of a massive joint venture among real estate and development giants. This alliance is composed of Kingdom Holding Company, of which it holds a substantial interest, Abrar Holding Company, Qila’a Jeddah Company, and Saudi Bin Laden Group, in which it is the primary contractor. The said are the main financiers of the Kingdom City Project. With their combined financier status, this alliance of conglomerates has a staggering investment reaching $20 Billion (75 Billion SAR).
The alliance was inspired by an ambition of His Royal Highness, Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal to bring about the first of its kind city, nestling the tallest wonder in the world, with a sharp eye on a leading edge, reflecting that vision to impress those who share the same passion, and maintaining his status as people of innovation.
Having a vast experience in the domain of construction, the founding members of the Jeddah Economic Company have a long history of pride, reflecting past award-winning projects, with a thrive into injecting a global standard, proving their abilities and outlook on perfection on every corner.
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