Water Edge

Jeddah Economic City will feature a magnificent man-made waterfront with an area of over 90,000 square meters surrounded with walkways, cafe's, shops, and restaurants.

A Truely "Prime" Feature

The Water Edge is one of the main attractions of the Jeddah Economic City mega project, one that refplects the city's true uniqueness and grandeur.
The massive water body will boast pedestrian recreational walkways with elegant public seating and generous space dedicated for strollers.


An Ideal Location

The Water Edge is beautifully designed to be engulfed within the Balad district. Encircled with restaurants, cafes, walkways, and an amphitheatre, all serviced by buggies and electric carts.  
The area will be connected via a pedestrian link to the tower, the mall, al Balad, the resort area, and the Grand Mosque. 
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