Financial Street

Thriving to be the leading smart city in the world, the JEC is visualized to be a nestling demography for world-class office parks, equipped with a landscape to inspire creativity to executives, employees as well as business leaders.

With smart technologies that produce efficiency in power management, advanced networks that ensure stable, lightning fast ICT communication channels, in addition to vast office spaces, the Office Parks’ aim is to create a strategic hub of business, gathering professionals and talents from all over the globe to partake in the path to success.

Along with the distinctive landscape rich location, this initiative will encourage international investments by global leaders in all industries, ensuring the making of JEC the new-era forum of global-level business, with the aspiration of being a nurturing destination to global events, workshops, and a leading point to exchange expertise to better fill in global gaps with regards to solutions addressing challenges in the world.
The JeddahTower will contain offices and business centers of diverse areas, tailored to accommodate diverse purposes with services and facilities that make up the ultimate business solution.
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