Old Town

One of the character areas specially mandated for shopping includes Old Town, a unique shopping district that draws the inspiration behind its design from the many global destinations for shoppers and visitors. With such characteristics, Old Town Shopping district will not only provide the lavish trademarks of the world’s top entities, but will also include several squares, fountains of architectural wonders, in addition to diverse community-centric areas of interest.

When going through Old Town, you will feel the inspiration of the many timeless favorites in piazza’s, finely cultivated gardens, architectural wonders, not to mention the flagged streets that will give you a reminiscence of the streets of Paris’ Champs Elysses, the historical streets of Downtown Beirut, and the Taksim Square of Turkey.

Indeed, the thought of this planned area brings about an exciting temptation to see it in real life. Imagine a combination of all these world destinations all compounded into one location.
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