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With a well-organized landscape grid system, the Jeddah Economic City is a distinct project that takes great value in nurturing a distinguished lifestyle and living facilities to the modern age. Due to its pioneering aspects, the project is built upon an infrastructure that offers housing facilities, ranging from apartment buildings, condominiums, to exclusively luxurious villas, aimed at providing the living environment that values a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, the City’s location along the Red Sea coastline has spawned the idea of providing its citizens with various methods of aquatic activities, be they yachting clubs, water sports, or even a simple drive through the brilliantly designed coastlines, which alone sooth the sight of any of its commuters, and purifying their senses.

Looking after the welfare of the community, the city itself is equipped with security staff, well-controlled road systems, and policies, making it prepared to be a great place that looks after the interests of its residents and visitors.

Indeed, the Jeddah Economic City, with all its necessities being provided for, makes it the ultimate place for a lifestyle of a new level.
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