Jeddah Economic City: An Urban Marvel

Lined strategically along the coastline of the Red Sea, Jeddah Economic City is design to embody a new point of view in what a mega city is all about. The City in mind is planned to breathe life into the Northern area of Jeddah, attracting investors, tourists, as well as business opportunities that will break global records, becoming the first of its kind in city life.

Located conveniently between the two Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah, with a well-planned distance from King Abdulaziz International Airport, the Jeddah Economic City is the result of a great joint venture among the pioneering construction magnates, as proven through a long history of constructional wonders.

Planned to occupy a spectacular area of 5.3 million square meters of land, the Jeddah Economic City is envisioned to reflect a new era in urban development and living, providing the inhabiting community with all that is needed in amenities, facilities, residential quarters, business areas in shops and commercial centers, in addition to diplomatic quarters. All of these necessary components include towering structures and brilliantly designed units, accumulated into an intelligent grid of road systems, including energy efficient power houses.

To surface its smartly futuristic characteristics, the Jeddah Economic City is planned to include leading academic institutions and centers managed by leaders in education, ensuring the steadfastness of being a smart city that nurtures an exceptional mindset to its residents. This is planned through leading training and educating leaders, as globally perceived and renowned.

In reflecting the innovativeness of its infrastructure, the Jeddah Economic City is designed to be supported by routing road systems, smart energy yielding technologies that cope with the global challenges which concern diminishing sources of energy, drawing power from different sources to enlighten the City with life and vitality.

Because of its strategic location along the Red Sea coastal area, a great part of the Jeddah Economic City lies within its vast spaces of sea ports, stimulating an extravagant trade opportunity, granting it a global highlight to sea freight-liners from around the globe.

In addition, the Jeddah Economic City’s Oasis-like form signifies its landscape with the towers planned to be erected in an alignment, engulfed with vast aquatic spaces, with a focus on the grid formation that includes housing units, luxury villas, shops and various multipurpose districts, making it rank among the modern wonders of the world.
With this in mind, the meticulous design and willpower of the leading business magnates in the global arena are keen on promoting the Jeddah Economic City as becoming the new-age investment, living and community-centric capital of the world.

Adding to its vitality as an all-purpose point, the Jeddah Economic City will be reinforced with a number of beach resorts that will mark a distinguished plumage.
Truly, a City that reflects a work of an Urban Marvel...


If you are interested in gaining a better visual on the Jeddah Economic City and what it has in store to all, you can download a copy of the city’s brochure, and learn further of its various sectors in abstracts, illustrations, stats, in addition to facts & figures.
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