Safety Features

Because of its purpose of mixed use, the JeddahTower will come equipped with cutting edge facilities that serve the various needs and demands in the best way possible.
In a Business Sense, the Tower will be equipped with cutting-edge technologies, telecommunications grids, and meeting amenities to attend to the various business requirements to secure success every time.

On a leisure scale, the Tower will include an impressive set of facilities to ease transport and movement around it. Through its halls, areas and zones, it ensures a pleasing experience every time, tempting visitors the maximum intensity of serving to the many needs, surpassing expectations.

Adding to its grandeur stature, the Tower is to be equipped with multiple level serving elevator systems, escalators, as well as parking spaces for easy, convenient access.
The Tower is expected to include world-class safety systems, as well as environmentally friendly equipment, maximising efficiency in power consumption, accompanied by intelligent systems of irrigation resulting from use of the extravagant cooling system that stems within the Tower.
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