As the Tower is built using cutting-edge technology and environmentally composite materials and equipment, residents and visitors have access to a wide array of residential apartments at their disposal. The JeddahTower offers the best in residential units, tailored to suit residents’ preferences and needs with conveniently designed units of various areas; the perfect living community. In order to accommodate to residents’ preferences, they have choices to choose from 500 well-planned residential units, distributed into four tiers, each having a unique set of technically and architecturally woven amenities, including distinct entrances and sets of amenities and facilities.

Residential Tiers One & Two

Laced with high quality finishing and lighter tones, the Residential Tiers One and Two offer the luxurious amenities of architectural beauty, with spaces that offer freedom of movement, as well as the comfort designed for an alleviated lifestyle. With surroundings and access in strategic ways from the Tower, residents will enjoy the access to the gated community, a new standard of living in a towering metropolis. These Tiers come with ultimate furnishing, and are exposed to natural as well as organic lighting systems that bring about a heart-warming setting.

Residential Tier Three

This Residential Tier offers a heightened flavour of elegance throughout its quarters. As with the first two tiers, Tier three are equipped and operated with environmentally friendly electric grids, as well as are setup in efficient and effective lighting, as well as an impressive mix of stainless steel and leather finishing. In terms of amenities, the Tier Three Residential area sports a heightened sense of luxury, with facilities and surroundings redefine luxury living, incorporated within the JeddahTower at higher ground levels, offering a fantastic view of the city, inspiring ideas and thoughts to unparalleled levels.

Residential Tier Four

The spectacular characteristics detailed within this Residential Tier surpass any resident’s expectations. With gold and metallic shades overwhelming the architecture, and the uplifting spirit that engulfs it, the Tier Four residence level is the perfect epitome of luxury living. Equipped with a private entrance to it, you will be taken away into the mesmerising architecture and meticulous lining that defines the Fourth Tier.
Amenities in this Tier are heightened to an impressive level, as access to and from the Tower are uniquely put together for a grand entrance to the community, accommodating to its residents’ needs for a safe and outgoing lifestyle.
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